Discover the peace in the remote Ha Giang in four seasons

Discover the peace in the remote Ha Giang in four seasons

If mentioning Northern mountain tourism, surely, everyone will think of Sapa first. However, if you expect a peaceful life in breathtaking mountain scenery, then Ha Giang will make you stunned.

So, what's so attractive about life in Ha Giang?

Find out in this article, which will take you through the four seasons of Ha Giang.

Brief information about Ha Giang

Not only is it the North pole on the S-shaped map with the Lung Cu border landmark but Ha Giang is also endowed by nature with a beautiful landscape painting.

Every season, Ha Giang is beautiful all year round with landscapes of trees and rocks, but the pace of life here is always calm and deep. However, that simplicity has become a special attraction and for many people, discovering the change in the four-season lifestyle in this mountainous region is an inspiration that has never been exhausted.

Peaceful springs

The beauty of Ha Giang in spring

The beauty of Ha Giang in spring

On the spring days, the apricot blooms in the forest, added sparkling silver colors of bauhinia variegata flowers, plum blossoms, the warmth of peach blossoms, roses, and clear streams, etc. Spring painting in Ha Giang exudes clarity, full of life.

If you have once visited the fairs in the districts of Meo Vac, Dong Van, Quan Ba, Hoang Su Phi, or Xin Man, etc., surely, you cannot forget the image of ethnic girls in colorful dresses, the housewives with buns high on their heads and thinly dressed men, etc.

In the middle of the bustling space of laughter is funny music of the trumpet and flute. The fairs are not only a place for people to exchange goods, buy essential goods but also a place for young men and women to show their love.

When the sun is highest, it is the time for the market to close, and people return home to continue a simple life on the rice fields and cornfields. Spring is also the time when families start going to the fields to prepare for the upcoming harvest.

Fresh summer

The Nho Que river

The Nho Que river

Down to the Dong Van rock plateau in the summer, it is hard for tourists to ignore the "oversleeping valley" of Pho Bang with endless fields of roses. The flowers here, whether they are pink, light pink, red-pink, yellow pink, or plum pink, are all beautiful.

In addition, the summer in Ha Giang is also attractive by the surprisingly smooth green of the cornfields and pine hills. The lives of people here are expressed through the arched back of those who harvest summer-autumn crop or meticulously care for each corn tree.

In the afternoon, do you want to visit Nho Que river to enjoy the feeling of space and time all slowing down? From the top of the mountain pass, ride down the slope without starting the engine to sense clearly every wind in the middle of the rocky mountains.

Autumn with the hobby of rat hunting

The autumn harvest of Ha Giang people

The autumn harvest of Ha Giang people

When the rice is ripe, the rats eat the paddy in the upland so they are very fat. After the harvest, men often set traps and burrows to catch them.

Rats are one of the specialties of Ha Giang. From this ingredient, people can process it into many dishes but the best is still roasted rat after it has been grilled, cleaned, added salt, fish sauce, cardamom, and spices of the mountains.

Coming to Ha Giang in the autumn, people can enjoy a myriad of other delicacies such as grilled moss, porridge with bull horn-shaped water caltrop nuts, five-colored sticky rice, Bac Me bamboo tube rice, and Dong Van old town stuffed pancake, etc.

Autumn is also the occasion with many festivals, especially the "com moi" (new rice) festival. After the festivities, Ha Giang people hurriedly harvest summer-autumn rice and prepare fields to grow corn and soybeans in winter.

Winter shines with buckwheat flowers

Buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

Buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

Coming to Ha Giang in the buckwheat flower season, you cannot forget the stop is Lung Cam valley in Sung La commune, Dong Van district. The flowers are most beautiful when they are about to fade, changing color from white to light pink to dark red. The seeds of this plant are triangular, used to make cakes and wine.

Along with the purple buckwheat flowers, the high hills in Ha Giang are also covered by a bright golden color of mustard and soybean flowers. Coming to Ha Giang in the winter, people will have the opportunity to feel the piercing cold. The pace of life in Ha Giang is inherently slow but when winter comes, it is much slower.

At the end of the buckwheat flower season, when the soybean hills are harvested, the pace of life in Ha Giang is quieter and seems to submerge into the rocky plateaus.

No matter which season is, Ha Giang always attracts visitors with various things to see and explore. If you love the region, plan a trip here now. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website. Please like and share the article with others if you find it useful. Thank you.